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SEC Filings

ATHENEX, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 05/09/2019
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§ A.3.1.7 Deviations from the Owner’s Criteria as adjusted by a Modification:

 There are no known deviations from the Owner’s Criteria at this time, however several late changes have been excluded (see Exhibit 3, referred to as “Deferred Scope Drawings”) or identified to be covered under contingency (see Exhibit 1, dated March 1, 2019).  Drawings and Specifications have been generated and reviewed with the Owner and all Owner questions or concerns have been addressed and are accepted by all parties.  Drawing list and pricing back-up identify deferred scope and applicable price reductions.  Credit for areas and equipment removed from the scope are incorporated into this GMP.  

§ A.3.1.8 To the extent the Design-Builder shall be required to submit any additional Submittals to the Owner for review, indicate any such submissions below:

 Not Applicable 


§ A.4.1 The Design-Builder’s key personnel are identified below:

(Identify name, title and contact information.)

.1    Superintendent 

Jerry Robert

.2    Project Manager

Bill Zurek

.3    Others

Lee Ogle – Project Director

§ A.4.2 The Design-Builder shall retain the following Consultants, Contractors and suppliers, identified below:

(List name, discipline, address and other information.)

 Design-Builder’s Architect (“Architect”) is:

Genesis Architects

523 Plymouth Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462


Ryan Biggs/Clark Davis Engineering and Surveying P.C.

257 Ushers Road

Clifton Park, NY 12065


Clark Patterson Lee

205 St. Paul Street, Suite 500

Rochester, NY 14604


The Pike Company, Inc.

One Circle Street

Rochester, NY 14607


§ A.5.1 Cost To Be Reimbursed as Part of the Contract

§ A.5.1.1 Labor Costs

§ A. Wages of construction workers directly employed by the Design-Builder to perform the construction of the Work at the site or, with the Owner's prior approval, at off-site offices or workshops.