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SEC Filings

ATHENEX, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 05/09/2019
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§ A. With the Owner’s prior approval, wages or salaries of the Design-Builder's supervisory and administrative personnel when stationed at the site.

(If it is intended that the wages or salaries of certain personnel stationed at the Design-Builder's principal or other offices shall be included in the Cost of the Work, identify below the personnel to be included, whether for all or only part of their time, and the rates at which their time will be charged to the Work.)

Person Included

Status (full-time/part-time)

Rate ($0.00)

Rate (unit of time)

 See Table – Exhibit 4, dated March 1, 2019

§ A.  Wages and salaries of the Design-Builder's supervisory or administrative personnel engaged at factories, workshops or on the road, in expediting the production or transportation of materials or equipment required for the Work, but only for that portion of their time required for the Work.  Annual rate increases for staffing will be provided in the 2nd Quarter of each year and incorporated into the billable rates previously provided.  Any rate increases shall not increase the project GMP Cost.

§ A. Costs paid or incurred by the Design-Builder for taxes, insurance, contributions, assessments and benefits required by law or collective bargaining agreements and, for personnel not covered by such agreements, customary benefits such as sick leave, medical and health benefits, holidays, vacations and pensions, provided such costs are based on wages and salaries included in the Cost of the Work under Section A.5.1.1.

§ A. Not used.

§ A.5.1.2 Contract Costs. Payments made by the Design-Builder to the Architect, Consultants, Contractors and suppliers in accordance with the requirements of their subcontracts.

§ A.5.1.3 Costs of Materials and Equipment Incorporated in the Completed Construction

§ A. Costs, including transportation and storage, of materials and equipment incorporated or to be incorporated in the completed construction.

§ A. Costs of materials described in the preceding Section A. in excess of those actually installed to allow for reasonable waste and spoilage. Unused excess materials, if any, shall become the Owner's property at the completion of the Work or, at the Owner's option, shall be sold by the Design-Builder. Any amounts realized from such sales shall be credited to the Owner as a deduction from the Cost of the Work.

§ A.5.1.4 Costs of Other Materials and Equipment, Temporary Facilities and Related Items

§ A. Costs of transportation, storage, installation, maintenance, dismantling and removal of materials, supplies, temporary facilities, machinery, equipment and hand tools not customarily owned by construction workers that are provided by the Design-Builder at the site and fully consumed in the performance of the Work. Costs of materials, supplies, temporary facilities, machinery, equipment and tools that are not fully consumed shall be based on the cost or value of the item at the time it is first used on the Project site less the value of the item when it is no longer used at the Project site. Costs for items not fully consumed by the Design-Builder shall mean fair market value.

§ A. Rental charges for temporary facilities, machinery, equipment and hand tools not customarily owned by construction workers that are provided by the Design-Builder at the site and costs of transportation, installation, minor repairs, dismantling and removal. The total rental cost of any Design-Builder-owned item may not exceed the purchase price of any comparable item. Rates of Design-Builder-owned equipment and quantities of equipment shall be subject to the Owner's prior approval.

§ A. Costs of removal of debris from the site of the Work and its proper and legal disposal.

§ A. Costs of document reproductions, electronic communications, postage and parcel delivery charges, dedicated data and communications services, teleconferences, Project websites, extranets and reasonable petty cash expenses of the site office.

§ A. Costs of materials and equipment suitably stored off the site at a mutually acceptable location, with the Owner's prior approval.