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SEC Filings

ATHENEX, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 05/09/2019
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§ A.5.1.5 Miscellaneous Costs


§ A. Premiums for that portion of insurance and bonds required by the Design-Build Documents that can be directly attributed to the Contract. With the Owner's prior approval self-insurance for either full or partial amounts of the coverages required by the Design-Build Documents.

§ A. Sales, use or similar taxes imposed by a governmental authority that are related to the Work and for which the Design-Builder is liable.

§ A. Fees and assessments for the building permit and for other permits, licenses and inspections for which the Design-Builder is required by the Design-Build Documents to pay.

§ A. Fees of laboratories for tests required by the Design-Build Documents, except those related to defective or nonconforming Work for which reimbursement is excluded by Section 15.5.3 of the Agreement or by other provisions of the Design-Build Documents, and which do not fall within the scope of Section A.

§ A. Royalties and license fees paid for the use of a particular design, process or product required by the Design-Build Documents; the cost of defending suits or claims for infringement of patent rights arising from such requirement of the Design-Build Documents; and payments made in accordance with legal judgments against the Design-Builder resulting from such suits or claims and payments of settlements made with the Owner's consent. However, such costs of legal defenses, judgments and settlements shall not be included in the calculation of the Design-Builder's Fee or subject to the Guaranteed Maximum Price. If such royalties, fees and costs are excluded by the second to last sentence of Section of the Agreement or other provisions of the Design-Build Documents, then they shall not be included in the Cost of the Work.

§ A. With the Owner's prior approval, costs for electronic equipment and software directly related to the Work

§ A. lost for causes other than the Design-Builder's negligence or failure to fulfill a specific responsibility in the Design-Build Documents.

§ A. With the Owner's prior approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, legal, mediation and arbitration costs, including attorneys' fees, other than those arising from disputes between the Owner and Design-Builder, reasonably incurred by the Design-Builder after the execution of the Agreement and in the performance of the Work.

§ A. With the Owner’s prior approval, expenses incurred in accordance with the Design-Builder's standard written personnel policy for relocation, and temporary living allowances of, the Design-Builder's personnel required for the Work.

§ A. That portion of the reasonable expenses of the Design-Builder's supervisory or administrative personnel incurred while traveling in discharge of duties connected with the Work.

§ A.5.1.6 Other Costs and Emergencies

§ A. Other costs incurred in the performance of the Work if, and to the extent, approved in advance in writing by the Owner.

§ A. Costs incurred in taking action to prevent threatened damage, injury or loss in case of an emergency affecting the safety of persons and property.

§ A. Costs of repairing or correcting damaged or nonconforming Work executed by the Design-Builder, Contractors or suppliers, provided that such damaged or nonconforming Work was not caused by negligence or failure to fulfill a specific responsibility of the Design-Builder and only to the extent that the cost of repair or correction is not recovered by the Design-Builder from insurance, sureties, Contractors, suppliers, or others.

§ A.5.1.7 Related Party Transactions

§ A. For purposes of Section A.5.1.7, the term “related party” shall mean a parent, subsidiary, affiliate or other entity having common ownership or management with the Design-Builder; any entity in which any stockholder in, or management employee of, the Design-Builder owns any interest in excess of ten percent in the aggregate; or any person or entity which has the right to control the business or affairs of the Design-Builder. The term “related party” includes any member of the immediate family of any person identified above.