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ATHENEX, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 05/09/2019
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§ A. If any of the costs to be reimbursed arise from a transaction between the Design-Builder and a related party, the Design-Builder shall notify the Owner of the specific nature of the contemplated transaction, including the identity of the related party and the anticipated cost to be incurred, before any such transaction is consummated or cost incurred. If the Owner, after such notification, authorizes the proposed transaction, then the cost incurred shall be included as a cost to be reimbursed, and the Design-Builder shall procure the Work, equipment, goods or service from the related party, as a Contractor, according to the terms of Section A.5.4. If the Owner fails to authorize the transaction, the Design-Builder shall procure the Work, equipment, goods or service from some person or entity other than a related party according to the terms of Section A.5.4.

§ A.5.2 Costs Not to Be Reimbursed as Part of this Contract

The Cost of the Work shall not include the items listed below:

.1    Salaries and other compensation of the Design-Builder's personnel stationed at the Design-Builder's principal office or offices other than the site office, except as specifically provided in Section A.5.1.1;

.2    Expenses of the Design-Builder's principal office and offices other than the site office;

.3    Overhead and general expenses, except as may be expressly included in Section A.5.1;

.4    The Design-Builder's capital expenses, including interest on the Design-Builder's capital employed for the Work;

.5    Except as provided in Section A. of this Agreement, costs due to the negligence or failure of the Design-Builder, Contractors and suppliers or anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them or for whose acts any of them may be liable to fulfill a specific responsibility of the Contract;

.6    Any cost not specifically and expressly described in Section A.5.1; and

.7    Costs, other than costs included in Change Orders approved by the Owner, that would cause the Guaranteed Maximum Price to be exceeded.

§ A.5.3 Discounts, Rebates, and Refunds


§ A.5.3.1​Cash discounts obtained on payments made by the Design-Builder shall accrue to the Owner if (1) before making the payment, the Design-Builder included them in an Application for Payment and received payment from the Owner, or (2) the Owner has deposited funds with the Design-Builder with which to make payments; otherwise, cash discounts shall accrue to the Design-Builder. Trade discounts, rebates, refunds and amounts received from sales of surplus materials and equipment shall accrue to the Owner, and the Design-Builder shall make provisions so that they can be obtained.

§ A.5.3.2 Amounts that accrue to the Owner in accordance with Section A.5.3.1 shall be credited to the Owner as a deduction from the Cost of the Work.

§ A.5.4  Other Agreements


§ A.5.4.1 When the Design-Builder has provided a Guaranteed Maximum Price, and a specific bidder (1) is recommended to the Owner by the Design-Builder; (2) is qualified to perform that portion of the Work; and (3) has submitted a bid that conforms to the requirements of the Design-Build Documents without reservations or exceptions, but the Owner requires that another bid be accepted, then the Design-Builder may require that a Change Order be issued to adjust the Guaranteed Maximum Price by the difference between the bid of the person or entity recommended to the Owner by the Design-Builder and the amount of the subcontract or other agreement actually signed with the person or entity designated by the Owner.

§ A.5.4.2 Agreements between the Design-Builder and Contractors shall conform to the applicable payment provisions of the Design-Build Documents, and shall not be awarded on the basis of cost plus a fee without the prior consent of the Owner. If an agreement between the Design Builder and a Contractor is awarded on a cost plus a fee basis, the Design-Builder shall provide in the agreement for the Owner to receive the same audit rights with regard to the Cost of the Work performed by the Contractor as the Owner receives with regard to the Design-Builder in Section A.5.5, below.

§ A.5.4.3 The agreements between the Design-Builder and Architect and other Consultants identified in the Agreement shall be in writing. These agreements shall be promptly provided to the Owner upon the Owner’s written request.

§ A.5.5 Accounting Records

The Design-Builder shall keep full and detailed records and accounts related to the cost of the Work and exercise such controls as may be necessary for proper financial management under the Contract and to substantiate all costs incurred. The accounting and control systems shall be satisfactory to the Owner. The Owner and the Owner’s auditors shall, during